awww…baby and her brothers

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New Website, New Blog, New Year

the website is finally up and running and i am super happy with it! I have just posted my (finally) first blog post of espree and eric. the format has changed from the old, so things may look a little crazy and jumbled on the old stuff. I have lots of things to post and blog about in the upcoming months including adding material to the site so stay tuned! YAY for change and the great stuff happening in 2014

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Espree & Eric…So Much Love & Laughs

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holidays 2013!!

i cant hardly believe the stores are stocking with xmas stuff already!!  ok, so if you are interested in a holiday session for xmas cards and xmas giving…now is the time!  i try very hard to just shoot one session per day to ensure i give ALL my great people the best light of the day.  also, i am shutting down my work season december 15th this year.  i have a huge family and sooo many xmas cookies to bake this year.  please please check in with me soon if you want those family portraits done.   :)

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Ultimate MMA Magazine-Urijah Faber-Cover-Story-MMA Workouts

It has been a long wait to finally release more images of this magazine.  In February, I was given a huge opportunity to shoot some media work for Ultimate MMA Magazine and Beckett Media LLC.

WHO??  The one and only, elite multi time champion of the world…and our very own “The  California Kid” Urijah Faber.  WOW!!  HUGE …..yes!!.  The job originally came in the me as a bit smaller and as the details were finalized…it suddenly turned into something much bigger.

The staff/PR/designers at the magazine…so pleasant and wonderful to work with…and our fighter…i cannot express how wonderful Urijah is.  Kind, simple, easy going, funny and really up for anything as far as direction of shooting we had to stay within and also I was given quite a lot of “Rachelle, you shoot what you think works…and just run with it”.  We did, we nailed it…and literally got a ton of my images in the May/June 2013 issue.  I have a few magazine covers under my belt and I gotta say, I was surprised with “the chosen one”.  I think shooters think it one way, and media/designers another.  When I saw the logos and graphics on my image….man it truly was just meant to be….GORGEOUS!!

There are quite a lot of images here….the actual cover, magazine files, more of my personal fav’s and some candids of myself, Kaela, and Kirk helping out with the lighting details.  Hey, who gets the chance to shoot such an american icon…so you bet…im posting them!

I hear through the grapevine I should be shooting more work with this publication…I am super excited about that!!

“Reprinted with permission from (Ultimate MMA, 2013).”
Images owned by Becket Media and Ultimate MMA
Images may not be copied or reproduced without consent.

Villa Privata Wedding, Jackson Ca

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